In Case of Crisis is trusted by over 750 global brands to prepare for and respond agilely to a broad array of digital and traditional crises faced daily.


Activate your people, access your plans, collaborate with your team and report the results.

Activate Your People

Activate Your People

Activate your teams instantly when an incident occurs - no matter where they are located.

Access Your Plans

Access to Your Plans

Transform your plans into digital playbooks that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, always.

Collaborate with your Team

Collaborate with Your Teams

Effectively communicate with your people live during a crisis with our collaboration features.

Report and Analyze

Report and Analyze the Results

Run reports to evaluate milestones that occurred during a situation or crisis. 

Ready for Your Organization

Ready for Your Organization

Our crisis management platform is secure and ready to launch to any size organization.

Trusted by over 750 Companies Around the Globe